We love our patients and want to help them in every way possible.  Some issues need a little hands on training to improve your confidence as a new mother.  We offer these classes at different times through out the year.  Let us know if you are interested in signing up for our next class for any of these topics.

Breastfeeding Class

At Dr. Patton’s office, we believe that preparing for breastfeeding helps new mothers feel more confident in their breastfeeding journey.  In this class, we are going to discuss a few common breastfeeding positions/holds, discuss breast pump parts and use, and provide other helpful tips/tricks.  We will also provide time for Q&A.

Breastfeeding class
Infant cpr class

Infant CPR Class

This 1.5 hour course will be covering infant and child CPR, AED use, and basic first aid.  Classed are taught by American Heart Association certified instructors.

Postpartum Wellness

This class is for moms and moms-to-be.  Join us as we educate on how to properly prepare for the unexpected postpartum period. We will have an in-depth Q&A and discuss the physical and psychological changes your body will go through after giving birth.  This class will give you an idea of what to expect during the first 6 weeks home with your baby.

Postpartum mother with newborn baby.
Mother with infant

Bringing Home a Newborn

Join us for a class about preparing new and experienced parents (& family) on how to care for a newborn.  We will cover topics such as safe sleep, swaddling techniques, safe medications, feeding recommendations and more. A time for Q&A will also be included.