Ultrasound at Dr Patton’s office is a time where our Sonographer’s get to celebrate in your special time or help you through a difficult patch. We feel our responsibility as seasoned sonographers is both to give Dr. Patton and our providers the images they needs to provide you with great care and to let you bond with your baby by getting keepsake images to take home and share with your family. Each of our Sonographers describe their job as their passion because they enjoy their personal relationship with our patients and their families. Our hope is that we provide each patient with a rewarding experience and exceptional care.

Early Pregnancy and Dating Ultrasound
The first early ultrasound scan provides you with important information regarding the number of babies and the expected due date. Accurate measurements and images are taken of the baby and its surroundings. A heart beat should also be detected at this scan.

Growth Scan
This scan will tell us that your baby is growing as expected. An estimated fetal weight determined by a growth ultrasound is a more accurate idea about the baby’s growth and will give us an early warning if all is not as anticipated.

Fetal Anatomy Scan
Between 19-21 weeks the anatomy of your baby is looked at in detail so that any information about the body, such as the heart, brain, skeleton and extremities can be imaged and interpreted. During this ultrasound the sex of the baby can be seen.

High risk pregnancies may include additional ultrasounds
These scans may include: Cervical lengths, Biophyiscal Profiles (BPP’S), additional viability scans, growth scans, follow up anatomy scan. If a Level II ultrasound is necessary, you will see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist that work closely with our physicians. Our providers determine all ultrasounds that are necessary in pregnancy due to medical need. We also offer gender scans and 4D entertainment scans for our patients! Gender scans are recommended at 15weeks or later. 4D ultrasounds are optimal at 28-32weeks.