August 22nd, 2019 4:58 PM

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Dr. David Patton is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and has been in practice for over 19 years. Dr. Patton is a graduate of the WVU School of Medicine and completed his Residency Training through CAMC in Charleston, West Virginia. Dr. Patton will do his very best to meet your needs and answer your questions should you choose him for your OB/Gyn care. He greatly appreciates those patients who have chosen his practice and looks forward to serving you for many years into the future.


Our Icon™ IPL facial treatment is a quick and easy way to give you the brighter skin you desire. You’ll see results immediately followed by continued improvement in the following weeks.


Get the glowing results you desire. Reverse the signs of sun damage, reduces uneven skin tone and rosacea, and remove unwanted facial veins. Icon’s PhotoFacial delivers the dramatic, long-lasting results you desire – deep texture and tone improvement, smoother skin without drastic facial changes, one simple treatment with recovery in as little as four days, minimal risk of complications. This advanced technology clears undesirable brown spots, sun damage and vessels, revealing clearer, more beautiful skin.

Hair Removal

Tired of constantly shaving and waxing unwanted facial and body hair? With light-based hair removal you can get the touchable skin you’ve always wanted. All you need is a few simple treatments to get lasting results. The secret lies in the technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. This treatment is fast, easy and practically pain free.

Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is ideal for deep facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, perioral (mouth) wrinkles, periorbital (eye) wrinkles, & frown lines. With just one treatment session you can diminish the appearance of even the deepest lines.. This powerful laser technology breaks down facial lines and creases while helping generate new, smoother skin.  Laser skin resurfacing provides long lasting results without the pain or side effects of a more invasive surgery. Best of all, you will still look like you – only better!


Laser Hair Removal

A safe and effective way to take care of unwanted hair all over the body with no downtime. Safe for all skin types and tones, dark or light. DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal – Gold Standard Diode Hair Removal Without Compromising Peak Power, Speed and Large Spot Size.

  • We recommend 6-8 treatments for most areas but certain areas are treated a bit differently, some are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and some may be 6-8 weeks apart.

  • Treatment is Performed in-Office

  • A Single Area Takes Less than 5 Minutes

  • No Downtime