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What to expect during your pregnancy care.

First Visit

After obtaining your medical history, we will perform an ultrasound for the purpose of dating your pregnancy and evaluating for any early problems.  Then we will perform your examination which includes a pap smear and pregnancy vaginal culture.  After talking and answering your questions with your spouse and other family members we will have your pregnancy blood work drawn.  We have the convenience of having blood work drawn in our office by Lab Corp.

Follow up Visits

You will be seen every four weeks until the third trimester, unless you have other medical problems or concerns that will necessitate more frequent visits.  Visits will be every two weeks during the third trimester until 36 weeks at which time you will be seen weekly.

After-hours Questions

There are several doctors that cover call during the night hours and weekends.  All doctors on call are OB/GYN Board Certified. For non-emergent phone calls, please call the office at 304-345-4525.


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