Sculpsure is now available

I am very pleased to have our Sculpsure up and running. We performed many treatments our first day (including on me) and are excited as we book more appointments for this new technology.

I am the only physician in the area with Sculpsure so come on down and check it out.

From personal experience I can say that there is some discomfort but nothing that I had to take even a Tylenol for. After my treatment I finished my day in the office and then went home and worked out. I am a stomach sleeper and had no trouble sleeping just a few hours after completing my treatment.

I have had many questions regarding price. I have searched the websites of providers all over the United States and have found costs ranging to as high as $2000 for a treatment (consisting of 4 packs).

I have decided to price our procedure at $1000 per treatment which consists of 4 packs as you can see on the pictures.



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